Jordyn's Army

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for my short absence but I have this multi-task issue that keeps me hostage with whatever I’m focused on at the time. My intentions are to blog often but my life needs more hours in the day :).

For those of you who are newer to me, I have two young boys who keep me on my toes, I write full time, and I’m an artist as well. In other words, my mind never stops spinning.

This summer flew by in a blink, but I happened to accomplish a lot considering my children were running around me in dizzying circles, asking me to make food and cart them from location to location. (I might need the whole school year to recover.)

Anyway, I was able to get lots of writing done while they were asleep or when I was hiding in the bathtub (true story).

Not only did I recently complete Unspoken Words (Last Words, Book 3), but I was asked to participate in a wonderful charity project to help Jordyn Preston, daughter of author, Beverly Preston.

Jordyn is currently fighting against liver cancer and has been for the last few years. Knowing how much her family could use help at the moment, seventeen of us authors pitched in to create JORDYN’S ARMY, an anthology full of brand new short stories, with hopes to raise money for Jordyn and her family.

EVERY SINGLE PENNY, not profits, but ALL money from this project will go to the Preston family.

This beautiful book (electronic, hard & paperback) will only be available for 30 days so don't wait - order yours today. 
In the hardback, you will see, exclusive to the anthology, artwork painted by Jordyn, in full color.

The new stories you'll find in Jordyn's Army.

Fighting For Our Forever... Baby style by Heidi McLaughlin
Pure Rose by Kathy Coopmans
Waking Up to Forever by Amy Briggs
Crush by Adriana Locke
Love, Rose by Shari Ryan
Reunion by Julie Richman
Coming Home by HJ Bellus
Roses for Rachel by Sam J D Hunt 
Finley and Sebastián, Wages of Sin series by Tara Leigh
Whiskey & Roses by Kaylee Ryan
Where I Escape by Michelle Dare
Capturing Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne
Coming Up Roses by Michelle Windsor
LINE 39 by Verlene Landon
Mine to Protect by Kristin Mayer
The Way We Fell by MJ Fields
Ring Me by Rebecca Brooke

A little more about Jordyn:

For those who don't know, Jordyn Preston is a nineteen-year-old Las Vegas native where she lives with her family and two golden retrievers. When she's not kicking cancer's ass, you'll find her volunteering at her favorite dog training facility, creating art from copper or the stroke of a paintbrush. She also enjoys cooking and sewing.

In June 2015, Jordyn was diagnosed with a very rare liver cancer and received a full liver transplant on September 3, 2015. She remained cancer-free for almost two years, before being re-diagnosed in Aug 2017, one week into her senior year of high school.

Through cancer, Jordyn found a new love, speaking in public. She shares her story and scars in hopes of inspiring others. Jordyn also acts as an Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation.

With the help of Jordyn and her mom, Beverly Preston, we've been able to bring Jordyn's Army to you.

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