December's Love Note

My December has a little extra dose of crazy because my family and I celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas since my husband and I have different religious backgrounds. At first, when my kids were tiny, I thought how lucky they are to capitalize on getting so many gifts while celebrating two gift-giving holidays back to back. What I didn’t consider, was how freaking expensive the gifts would get as they got older. At 6 and almost ten years old, they are both very aware that there are two holidays they wait for this time of year and they aren’t shy about putting in their requests. In fact, they're asking our elf to help them with a Hannukkah gift, and I just look at my husband and told me we messed up somewhere haha.

Of course, I’ve spent the last few years trying to be creative and think of a way to stay within budget, but also avoid buying trinkets that will end up at the bottom of a pile in their closet. It’s seriously impossible. I need to find a Pinterest page for creative ways to be frugal when celebrating two holidays in December. If anyone knows of any, let me know!

If only this were the hardest part of navigating through a mix-marriage, it would be great, but we’ll find our way as we lead this generation into the uncharted territory of multiple, conflicting beliefs::slaps head::. I got this, I swear :).

So, today, I have two parent-teacher conferences, and I’m scared to walk into the classroom of my youngest little nut. He’s always been a feisty little guy, but not necessarily in a naughty way. To put it simply, I would be shocked if he doesn’t plan a career on Broadway. He can’t do much without singing opera (his kind of opera — the loud vibrato singing) and dancing. I figured it was just a thing he did at home where he was comfortable, but evidently, this is something that has been taking place in school, during quiet time, and spelling tests. It’s great when a kid finds a good way to remember difficult questions on a test or spelling words, but I never told him he would have to sing those reminders silently to himself, instead of informing the entire class how to spell each word. He thinks he’s funny until he gets in trouble, then he comes home batting his eyelashes at me. Anyway, I have to go explain his excitement for life to his teacher and hope she understands haha.

My oldest is in fourth grade, doing calculus so I have no clue what’s going on in his life … just kidding. Kind of. Seriously though, I think he’s learning my twelfth-grade curriculum this year. It’s crazy how expectations can change over the course of 25-30 years! To the teachers out there, I bow down to you because you must have had to relearn everything for these kids.

Anyway, aside from my stresses of parent-teacher conferences and shopping (such problems lol), I’ve been hard at work writing a new romantic comedy for The Man Cave. The humor keeps me going on these long cold nights, so I hope I can offer you guys something fun to read too! Milkman will be hitting the virtual shelves on January 17th. It’s a doozy ;), and I can’t wait to share the final product.


Cozy love

White Midnight is on sale for only 99 cents, so if you want something to warm up to, it’s a sweet romance. Grab it!

It’s 11:00 AM. I feel like I just got settled into my day and the kids are going to be home in a half hour from their half day, so I better go get seven hours worth of work done in the next thirty minutes ;).

Until next time, take a deep breath and keep shopping for gifts (unless you’re smart and finished up months ago lol).



Add this guy to your TBR List on Goodreads!

Add this guy to your TBR List on Goodreads!

Need gift ideas? These keep popping up in my face all the time, so they must be popular! Plus, The Man Cave books are all on audio now ;) ;) and Last Words! The other one…my goodness, I want to cut all the cords in my house haha.