Happy Valentines Day, Loves!

I’ll start this post by saying, I understand why Valentines day is so controversial. It’s a holiday that excludes anyone who isn’t in a happy relationship. Some people prefer to be alone, and some are going through heartache. It’s taken me a long time to understand the deeper meaning of this holiday, mostly because I spent so long yearning to celebrate it in the old-fashioned swept off my feet way. I’ve come to find that once you have that kind of relationship, you don’t need a day to prove it. Furthermore, I feel like I got a good taste of this comprehension while I sat in Starbucks, watching people walk in to the romantic atmosphere oozing with old songs that scream “love is in the air". Except there were so many people who looked sad or just stressed out, and I began to wonder if the holiday causes more heartache than love. I kind of wish Valentines Day would morph into the type of holiday where people show an act of kindness, or maybe just a day where people show love in general without the pressure of being in a happy situation in life. This isn’t an anti-Valentines day post because I’m thrilled for those who are happily celebrating. In fact, I do have a wonderful husband and we do little things to celebrate the days privately, but I don’t feel the need to prove it on one day of the year. However, I would like to offer kindness to everyone I can. If anyone needs a boost or a hug, I’d love to be that person.

With that said, I want to tell you all that I appreciate you. I’m grateful for you and adore the support you give me. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please tell me.

I was trying to think of something I could do for all of you, and while it’s hard to find one thing that will make everyone happy, I decided to make all the books in the Man Cave series free for just today. You can download the box set and keep them all for a rainy day :). If you’ve already downloaded the box set, you should update it because I’ve added the Milkman!

Anyway, I hope someone does something kind for you today because you deserve it <3.

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The Starbucks Chronicles #1


Here we go. When you’re a work at home mom, you look for inspiration wherever it lands :). With my kids both in school full-time, I have a little time in the morning after they get onto the bus, so I take my butt to Starbucks. I know it’s not the most budget-conscience decision, but I truly look forward to my peppermint mocha or iced-coffee every morning. Plus, I get the enjoyment of taking in my surroundings for a bit.

While everyone else is working on their laptops or focusing on their work, I’m watching, which makes me sound like a massive creep, but I’m putting the act under the category of “people watching.”

For the sake of privacy, I won’t post which Starbucks I frequent, and if you know me personally, let’s protect the people I happen to see in the mornings haha.

I’ll jump right in and say I’ve seen the most bizarre things now that I’ve been feeding this obsession for almost a year.

Each day, I attempt to take the same table which is at the far end of the cafe, and gives me the perfect view of the entire shop. The days my table, I mean “the” table is taken, I’m truly thrown off and spin in circles for a minute before I can find a new seat even though there are always at least 50% available. I realize I’m making this sound more like a problem than a solution to going stir crazy, but I know for a fact that people do way worse things to solve their issues.

Today, I was a little too close to my subject.

The man who kind of looked like Clark Kent, was less than three feet away. He was typing away, so I glanced over, not to see what he was writing (I’m not that bad), but when I hear a noise, I’m like a dog, and have to look. I looked away as soon as my gaze landed on his screen though because he must have sensed I was looking as he lowered the screen of his laptop and looked over his shoulders.

So now, instead of thinking “oh shit,” I’m like … “Oh he’s up to something,” and I have to pretend like I’m not the one giving him the creeps.

He was having a private conversation over some instant message program and my mind started racing. I was sure he was having an affair which is a terrible thing to assume, but the one time he caught me looking, I began to think I might end up on some kind of blacklist for possibly knowing something I shouldn’t know. I didn’t really care for that storyline though, so I continued with my original assumption.

Then, his phone rang, he picked it up and cupped his hand over the receiver. I couldn’t hear anything, not that I wanted to (really … I mean maybe, I would have gotten some questions answered, but it wasn’t my business to eves-dropping even if he was sitting in the middle of a public place). Anyway, in my head, I heard what I needed to ;).

I think the guy was trying to outlast my visit, so I didn’t really get a good ending to this story since I had to leave, but if I was speculating correctly, let’s hope his spouse, if he/she exists, is aware of a reason for his erratic movements. If he is having an affair, I’d say it’s his first offense and has no clue what he’s getting himself into.

So that’s that for today. Stay tuned for what happens next at Starbucks :).

Milk Man Exceprt

Milk Man Exceprt

Why tonight of all nights? I can't take any more today. "Stop, a**hole! I have pepper spray!" Does yelling this phrase really work? From what I can see, the nearby pedestrians don't even bother to look over. Nice to know. 

The problem is, I do not own pepper spray, but I'm hoping whoever has a hold of me will let go in fear of getting sprayed by my invisible weapon.

"Is the pepper spray inside your phone or your empty water bottle?" he asks. That voice—I recognize his damn voice, so I drop my arms and release my nut-kicking stance that wouldn't have done much to the assumed perpetrator hiding behind my back. I'm slow to turn around, feeling less-than-eager to face the idiot who thought it would be smart to grab my arm while I'm alone on a city street. 

Milk Man - Cover Reveal



A standalone Romantic Comedy joining The Man Cave!

Everything in life was going perfectly, but then my luck expired.

It all started when I got a new job, which came with a new guy. That’s when I managed to cause an unforeseeable disaster, which took down an entire company in less than a week. 

The new job, the new guy and a big mouth led to another giant mistake. Then, one more for good measure. 

Flash forward a couple of weeks, and ... I’ve got milk ... because I’m dating the milkman, and yes, milk did his body good. 

Not only do milkmen still exist, but I’ve come to learn that some women hire a milkman to deliver more than just milk.

I’m not the sharing type, but I also don’t like to cry over spilled—you get my point. So, I can either have a cow or search for greener pastures. 

Depending on my decision, though, I need to ask myself if I’m prepared to tell my future children that their father is, in fact, the milkman.




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A HEART OF TIME is currently being translated into Portuguese and will release later in 2019!