A Standalone Romantic Suspense

I didn’t recognize my twin brother after he was pulled out of our burning house. That’s how I’m left to remember him. 

I was blamed for the fire. But, why? 

Maybe it’s the same reason I’m questioning why a beautiful stranger appeared out of nowhere, holding out a hand to save me at just the right moment—offering to make me forget about all the bad and replace it with his mesmerizing greatness. 

Though, when reality set back in, it was hard not to feel like the world was against me. It was harder not to run away from it all, but when facing the possibility of imprisonment for murder and arson, I needed to be the one to save myself, and I would do whatever it took. 

The outcome, however…was the last thing I had ever suspected. They say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and now I know why.

Early Praise for House of Tinder