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Yesterday was the big release day for One Size Fits All—a compilation of twelve romantic comedy novellas by thirteen fabulous authors, all who donated their time and effort into this anthology for one great cause. When given an opportunity to offer something for charity, so many authors jump at the opportunity, which makes this industry so much sweeter to be a part of because there isn’t a better feeling than doing something selflessly to help a foundation who can never have enough help.

As a group of authors, we selected The Purple Heart Foundation as our charity of choice. To me, personally, this organization is near and dear to my heart for many reasons, but mostly because I’ve had the privilege of knowing and meeting Purple Heart recipients through my husband, who served in the Marines.

I’ll be the first to admit I was a little ignorant to what the Military stood for, practiced, and preached before I met my husband. When we first met, I didn’t see him or his friends as anyone different. I didn’t quite know where they had been or what they had been through. Though, I quickly found out. My world changed—my insight, my understanding, my appreciation, and my gratefulness all grew. Over time, I learned what it meant to be a Marine, what many had gone through, what many are still living through. Being an emotional person, I learned to bite my lip when listening to stories I wanted to pretend were fiction. I sucked in all the air I could and held tears back when needing to be strong. I learned how to be supportive to a lifestyle I couldn’t comprehend in my small mind.

Shortly before my husband proposed to me, one of his closest friends called to say his goodbyes before leaving on his tour to Iraq. I had never met this man because all of his friends lived across the country. I hadn’t spoken to his friend before that night but he asked to speak to me for the first time. It was a conversation I know I will never forget. It was a conversation that to me felt strange at the time, but now I understand why. He told me he was happy my husband had found me, and asked me to always take care of him. This was mixed in with a lot of jokes and sarcasm, which instantly made me see why this man was one of my husband’s greatest friends.

A few months later, my husband received a call that his friend was killed in action while in Iraq. I didn’t know this man well and we had only shared that one conversation, but my heart had never hurt as much as it hurt that day. Watching the pain my husband and his friends had to go through, the look on his friend’s parents’ faces at the funeral—those moments are ones that are burned into my head. The entire town came to the ends of their driveways that day and saluted the vehicle transporting my husband’s friend from the church to the funeral. I watched the strongest men I had ever met in my life cry. I watched their hearts break, and I forced myself to stand there without letting a tear fall because it was not my right to cry. My innocence, my little bubble I had always stayed inside of, disappeared that day. During the funeral, I met men with disabilities, missing eyes, limbs, burns, and more. I realized then what so many go through during and after war. I felt so helpless that day and I knew I couldn’t do much to help anyone since broken hearts can’t be fixed. What I did learn is that there is never enough support for those who have a long road of recovery ahead, or for the families who just lost their son or daughter. The amount of help that can be used within The Purple Heart Foundation is endless and needed.

Writing a book for charity seems insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but with the amazing number of sales we received yesterday, I know we’ve done something great and the feelings I have inside right now tell me how worth every second of work this anthology was.

Along with receiving twelve hilarious stories, you’re also donating to this amazing foundation, and we’re all thankful for your support.

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Thirteen bestselling authors bring you a collection of stories that aren’t a ‘One Size Fits All’.
We’re bringing you laughter that just might cause you to pee your pants. Heat; that might cause you to fan yourself. Steam; that you might need to dry off from. Toys; that might require batteries and more packed in behind this cover.
Join Gina Whitney, Shari J. Ryan, Courtney Cole, Danielle Jamie, Isabelle Richards, Misha Elliott, Gia Riley, Meghan Quinn, M.C. Cerny, Alexis Noelle, BL Berry, A.M. Willard, and TJ Burton, as we support the Purple Heart Foundation with 100% proceeds donated.

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